Magnetic Health Bracelets, Do They Work?

Magnetic Health Bracelets, Do They Work?


Healing with the help of magnets is one of the world's oldest forms of healing. The first documented references to this form of healing in medicine were made over 6000 years ago which makes it one of the most traditional methods of medical treatment.

The ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese have stated that using magnets for healing purposes have proven to be effective. During the Renaissance, healers in Europe and Asia used magnets to treat infections and chronic pains. They believed that magnets could pull out diseases from the body. Today, it looks like magnets are being called into everyday life again by the use of jewellery.

How does it work?

Research indicates that in general, magnetic therapy works because of the electromagnetic nature of the body. Every cell in our body consists of electrically charged particles that are either positive or negative ions. All are directly affected by exposure to external magnetic fields. 

By wearing magnetic jewellery, for example, a bracelet, it is believed to help with pain relief, improved blood circulation, reduced inflammation in joints, cardiovascular diseases and mineral supplementation.


Blood circulation with magnets


How About Research?

Even though studies are inconclusive about the efficiency of magnetic therapy, and the results of whether or not magnetic bracelets and other magnetic wear was the real healer of the participants, nearly every one of the volunteers said they felt the magnetic effects had a positive impact on their condition. 
Many times, you’ll see this with alternative healing studies…the participants claim they feel something, whereas the science is inconclusive.


Why Wear Magnetic Bracelets?

Just because we can't see it, or know how ancient healing works, doesn't mean it won't work at al. 


Health Magnetic Bracelet - Black/White

Many modern day healing techniques were once considered a little too much 'cuckoo'. Ofcourse we need evidence to know that things really work. But in this case, it is very possible that the effect of magnetic healing is so delicate that it is not easily picked up on right now. So that doesn't mean they are not working ;)


Find out yourself if it works for you!

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