Organise a Jambo Demo

Create your own jewelry boutique at your home for the day.
Invite friends and colleagues for an afternoon, or evening, of fun and laughs. Enjoy together in the comfort of your home the perfect shopping environment. As Host you will receive a Jambo welcome gift, as well as some surprising fun extras.
(Demo's are only available within 100km from Brussels)
INTERESTED? How does it work?
Quality time with friends, that's what our Demo's create. With our jewelry collections of Natural Stones, you can be sure that everyone will find their style and mood. Enjoy our collections with a drink, a snack and a smile.


You are 3 steps away, easy.

Step 1
Contact us with your details.
Send us an email at
or send us a message on facebook
Step 2
We will contact you directly to discuss and
agree a date for your Demo
Step 3
Congratulations, you have just planned your own Jambo demo. We will do everything to make it a success and a fun memory for you and your friends. The more is sold the more extras your will receive after the demo.

Your advantages and freebees

1. A welcome gift. Value 30€. Minimum demo sale of 250€
2. Choose your own Free Jewelry. You receive 10% value of the total demo sale to spend on our collection. Minimum demo sale of 250€
3. 10% discount for you and your friends during the demo.
4. Each friend that plans a Jambo Demo during your demo will receive a 20€ voucher that they can use during their Jambo demo.