About Us

I have always loved watches, bracelets and necklaces, as well as designing my own novelty designs for shirts. If it was trendy or stylish I had to have it or make it.  I have had my fair share of frustration when buying an item, whether it is shipping issues or bad customer service, I have experienced it all.  

Hi, welcome to JAMBO.  You may wonder where the name JAMBO comes from, well if I tell you it is a combination of my two kids names then I’m sure it will keep you busy trying to figure out their names, good luck :). 

We started our family adventure at JAMBO to build our brand around handmade, stylish & trendy jewelry.  There is so much choice out there that it gets frustrating at times.  At JAMBO we cut out all the noise and provide quality items that are trendy, hip or stylish, giving you a more enjoyable journey making the right decision when spending your hard earned money.  We want to have fun and put smiles on peoples faces, we are all about enjoying the experience.


We also make our own unique designs for shirts, hoodies and other apparel. We must have almost 1000 unique designs on our webshop now. I'm sure you will enjoy exploring them.

JAMBO is located in Belgium (our home city is pictured below), but that does not limit us from meeting people from all cultures from all over the world.  We sell to most countries and we pride ourselves in giving the same great service to every person that visits our Webshop.  Flores and myself are two enthusiastic individuals that love what we do and have pride in how we are building our brand.  Thank you for visiting our Webshop, we hope that we were able to make your experience here more enjoyable and we look forward to seeing you back again soon.

 Greetings from the JAMBO team