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Natural South Sea Pearl Earrings - 13mm - 14K Gold

Natural South Sea Pearl Earrings - 13mm - 14K Gold

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Our South Sea Pearls are mounted onto a stud earring made from 4g of 14K gold. The weight of the gold stud gives the perfect balance for the 13mm South Sea Pearl, resulting in a perfect balance and comfortable feel while wearing the earrings.

Golden South Sea pearls are known to have the thickest nacre layers of all saltwater pearl types, averaging between 2-4mm thick, or more. Almost universally described by pearlers as “satiny” in look, the South Sea pearl’s luster is softer in appearance than that of the Japanese Akoya Pearls. South Sea pearls radiate a gorgeous “glow” that appears to emanate from within, rather than the harder “mirror-like shine” that Akoya pearls are famous for.

Why are South sea pearls the most valuable pearls on the market? South Sea Pearls are very rare and unique. Given the rarity of the oyster, cultivation and production costs remain extremely high.

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